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About First Non-photo Post!

Previous Entry First Non-photo Post! Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 11:40 pm Next Entry
I've decided to abandon the polaroids for now (mostly because my disks with image files on them are scattered about in the aftermath of my recent move). And also, I was smitten with anti_cyclone's recent pictures of the letterpress equipment she gets to use this fall. So I hunted down my disk with the largest amount of fonts on it, and set about making letters.

font faces used:Old Copperfield, Codex, Ann Stone, Cast Iron Regular

I suspect that these could be easily customizable (font face, letter, color), if anyone is interested. Or I may just decide to randomly pick letters and do a whole character set.

Obscure fact: the letter z used to be the fifth letter of the alphabet until the Romans decided that they didn't use it enough, and took it out. Later they did decide that they needed it and tacked it on the end where it's been ever since. Because you needed to know that, right?
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